Max Wiens

Mystery Mansion

Mystery Mansion could be described as a reverse slasher movie game. You play as a ghost who must kill the humans who enter into your mansion before they find a way to banish you. If you like this game, look forward to my next project!

This was made at a 38 hour game jam with a friend. I made the 3d models, textures, music, and ghost code. My friend did the rest of the code including the human AI! The game is pretty easy as you start with a zombie who helps you kill the humans. The humans also rarely get close to banishing the ghost. Besides this, seeing the AI interact and smashing people with bookshelves is fun.

One Item Dungeon

I made this for the 2019 GMTK game jam. The theme was only one. I may have taken this a little too literally. The game has one color, you can hold one item at a time, there is one button (besides those for movement), and there is one life. Having one life and one button to do everything made the game a little frustrating. Players would often struggle to throw the held object because they didn't hold down the space bar for long enough. Additionally, Being one-shot by enemies with big hitboxes felt unforgiving.

This game remains one of my favorite game jam games that I have made. I really like the concept of a dungeon crawler where you can't kill the enemies so once you're complete with the dungeon you have to fight your way back through them. The aesthetic of the game is my favorite of my game jam games. And I was supprised I had enough time to add a boss at the end. Unfortunately I lost the source code to the game jam version, but I plan to remake it in the future with a much larger scope!